Sanding and Refinishing Experts in Boise, Idaho and Surrounding Areas

At Heritage Flooring, located in the Treasure Valley, you can count on professionals with extensive experience with high-end homes and large projects to ensure you receive the highest quality craftsmanship on your hardwood floors when it comes to sanding and refinishing. If you would like to revive your dull, splintering, worn hardwood floors to smooth, polished and pristine hardwood floors, you have come across the right website.

With experience in California and Nevada, this second generation family owned and operated company is founded on the principles of quality, reliability, transparency and knowledge of the most cutting edge procedures, products and equipment.

Expert Hardwood Flooring Repair In the Treasure Valley

When pursuing the renovation of your current hardwood flooring, it is highly recommended that you enlist a trained professional for a variety of reasons. Sanding alone can cause many issues to arise in phase one, if you haven’t yet acquired the knowledge and expertise regarding sanding methods and which sander is right for the job.

State-Of-The-Art Sanding And Refinishing Methods and Equipment

Sanding your floor down to the natural finish in order to remove the old finish, grooves, scratches and splinters is priority. Depending on the floor, a professional at Heritage Hardwood Flooring will evaluate the condition and type of hardwood flooring to determine which method, product, and application is most suitable for the project. Improper usage of a hand-held drum sander or commercial grade floor sander can create irreparable damage to your floor, thus making it so important that you hire someone with extensive experience.

Whether you install brand new hardwood flooring or repair your current flooring, refinishing work and repair are periodically necessary to maintain the flawless interior aesthetic your home deserves. We can assure you, when it comes to refinishing your hardwood flooring it saves you much more hassle and money in the long run to enlist your hardwood professionals at Heritage Hardwood Flooring.

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